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MOS&B Chapters in Florida

For the History of the individual Chapters, CLICK HERE

Florida Society Chapter Locations:


The Society Chapters that are currently active in the State of Florida are as listed.  We encourage all members to belong to one of our many chapters in the State of Florida.  For a chapter near you, please refer to the following list:


Location:                      Chapter Name and Number:                        Email Contact:             


Brevard County            Brig. Gen. Theodore W. Brevard #10

Columbia County          Capt. Asa A. Stewart # 24                

Duval County               Capt. J. J. Dickison # 29                  

Orange County             Col. L. M. Park #52                         

Polk County                 Col. Francis S. Bartow #65        

Hillsborough County     Maj. Gen William W. Loring #146      

Marion County              Marion Dragoons #164                        

Osceola County             Capt. William J. Rogers # 212          

Volusia County              Capt. John Maffit # 252                       

Broward County           Capt. Leslie T. Hardy # 278                 

Alachua County            Col. David Lang # 289                                   

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