Interested in Joining!

The MOS&B is based on the prospective member first consider being a member of both a State Society & National organization.  For a copy of the application to fill out, go to the Forms tab. Fees for joining is $75.00.

Annual Renewal

"We value you as members.  The annual dues to National is $45.00 & the State Society is $15.00.  Dues are requested & collected during the month of October.

"All that was, or is now, desired is that error and injustice be excluded from the textbooks of the schools and from the literature brought into our homes; that the truth be told, without exaggeration and without omission; truth for its own sake and for the sake of honest history, and that the generations to come after us not be left to bear the burden of shame and dishonor unrighteously laid upon the name of their noble sires."    -- Rev. James Power Smith

The War Between the States produced some of the most outstanding civil and military leaders in the 19th Century.  To perpetuate the idealism that animated the Confederate Cause and to honor the courage and endurance of those who dedicated their lives and services from 1861 to 1865 and who, throughout the dreadful decade of reconstruction, labored heroically for the restoration of self-government as the most precious heritage of the American Revolution, male descendants of the officers who honorably served in the Army, Navy, and other commands of the Confederate States of America and male descendants of the elected and appointed officials of the Confederate Executive and Legislative branches of government unite to establish the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, a patriotic/lineage organization.  

History & Purpose of the MOS&B